• TSC Miami’s technology drives efficiency.
  • Our proprietary Order Tracking System (OTS) manages every step of every order from receipt through delivery to you (development/manufacturing).
  • TSC Miami’s advanced technology gives us and you a speed to market advantage


Screen Printing, Labeling & Packing

  • TSC Miami has state of the art print, label and pack facilities with capacities of 30 Million units.
  • Our facilities have 16, 18 color screen print automatics, 12 automatic neck label printers, and 12 automatic folder/bagger machines.
  • We have locations in Miami, Florida and Juarez Mexico, strategic shipping points allowing us to cover most USA locations within 1-2 days.

Account Management

  • Our account management team is here solely for YOU. Managing all communications from development to order production and every need in between.
  • Your account management team has full access to all internal departments ensuring the development of your orders to stay on schedule.
  • The account management team’s full focus is on YOUR business!


  • The logistics team at TSC Miami manages all EDI/ASN’s truck routing and documentation.
  • We ensure that trucks are delivered on time to distributions centers and direct to store.
  • Our well established relationships with all major shipping carriers guarantee that the best shipping rates are passed on to you.

Creative Services

  • TSC Miami’s creative teams supervises your project from inception, development, and production to guarantee that your product is exactly as envisioned.
  • Their expertise in designing, developing and teamwork with our factories bring your product to life.
  • The creative team provides fully branded design, apparel, and accessory presentations.

Cut & Sew

  • TSC Miami’s in house technical and import teams manage 15 factories for Cut & Sew development and orders.
  • Our strategic partners are located in the USA, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Honduras, Mexico, and Haiti.
  • Production location will depend upon product type, certifications, lead time, and target price.
  • We have Production/Quality Control teams in all facilities certifying we can produce the best quality and on time deliveries.

Digital Team

  • TSC Miami’s digital facility is state of the art servicing retailers, brands, and e-commerce platforms.
  • The technology engine of our digital facility fully integrates front and back ends, best in class digital printers assist us in driving your speed to consumer business.
  • Both Miami and Juarez facilities operate 24/7 and ship orders within 24 hours of receipt. January 2020 our Juarez, Mexico will be online. The Juarez facility will give us speed to market shipping to locations in the mid west and west coast.
  • Total capacity of 15K units per day will be available to service retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Accessory Team

  • TSC Miami has an accessory team that develops, sources, and manages all your accessory needs.
  • Out team manages our supply partners located in China, Myanmar, Haiti, and many other locations throughout the world.
  • We travel the globe in order to bring you products that are trending/new in the market.